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An exciting and hands on eight-hour workshop designed for persons faced with impending change or actively looking for ways to create positive shifts in their life, career or business. During the workshop, participants are introduced to the Personal Strategic Planning Technique which they will use to develop a high level personal vision and vision board as well as a supporting wealth creation action plan to bridge the gap between their current situation and their desired vision for every aspect of their lives.

They will also be equipped with practical and actionable tips, tools and techniques that they can use to maximize on their strengths and opportunities, overcome challenges and positively impact the world around them.

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Inspired by Psalm 23 of the Christian Bible, the Sangham Inclusive Leadership Model designed by international team member, Shobhanna Chakrabarti and sound leadership strategies encouraged and practiced by some of the top leadership coaches and authors across the globe, this amazing four-hour seminar promises to be one of the most transformational leadership seminars for aspiring and existing leaders and mentors.

During the seminar, participants will acquire a Transformational Leadership Toolkit compact with innovative skills, strategies and tools to skyrocket their influence, trust, respect and confidence as a leader while creating lasting change and impact. They will also learn how to apply this toolkit to help them deal with difficult team members and challenges, inspire cohesion and commitment around organizational goals and objectives and drive their team to peak performance.

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This seminar is the all-you-can-learn buffet for individuals looking to get into a better way of thinking and the newer and more excellent way of working that will take you straight to the top! Invest three exciting hours in learning the foundational habits, attitudes and principles required for success in the ever-evolving world of business, how to replace excuses with a solutions-oriented mindset and the secret to developing and applying an entrepreneurial mindset to your daily tasks to impact company strategy and goals.

 Participants will also learn how to build a results-oriented resume and personal profile that opens doors, how to market themselves in interviews and other professional settings and the art of dressing to create influence and life-changing opportunities in the professional landscape.

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In this exciting three-hour workshop persons seeking to take their life, career or business to the next level get introduced to the foundational and spiritual truths about the powerful art of visioning and its practical application to all aspects of their lives. Participants are guided through a hands-on activity tocreate a 5-year vision and supporting vision board for every single aspect of their lives. Persons participating in this workshop also get the unique opportunity to learn about practical strategies and techniques that they can use to help them to dream big, overcome fears, destroy limiting beliefs and set goals that can create timely and lasting abundance and wealth creation in their lives, career and business.

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This three-hour seminar is designed for anyone looking to build their confidence, overcome fears, command influence and attention, authority and credibility and effectively package and deliver messages to captivate and engage the toughest audiences in varied contexts. Whether its to make a presentation to senior management, nail an interview or upsell products or services to customers, this workshop will teach practical, quick and easy to implement skills and strategies to help anyone develop a personal authentic speaking style and use software tools, jitters, nervousness and body language to deliver more relatable, breathtaking and engaging presentations.

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This transformational 3-hour seminar will teach the foundational and biblical principles of time management that will empower career professionals to create effective work-life balance. Participants in this workshop will also learn how to handle interruptions and manage crises, how to create productivity routines, declutter your calendar and master the art of delegation while maintaining quality results. By participating in this workshop, professionals will also be equipped with practical prioritization and time management tools and techniques that will help them achieve focus, reduce stress and boost productivity in their business and career while making time for the things that matter most.

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In this two-day workshop participants will learn a seasoned and systematic approach to creating a compelling elevator pitch, business model canvas and pitch deck for their business and how to adjust this to attract and suit the interests and goals of varied groups of investors, team members, partners and customers Participants will also learn about multiple alternatives to business financing and how to sell their business through storytelling and improve their due diligence readiness. The workshop will culminate in a business pitching competition where participants have the opportunity to pitch to potential investors and win capacity building opportunities from our major partners.

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This eight-hour workshop is designed specifically for teams in companies experiencing major organizational change or for persons immersed in a fast-paced, ever-changing environment or focused on helping people to navigate their way through change. The content of this workshop will help employees and team members prepare for global readiness by developing better ways of thinking and newer and more innovative ways of working to create results within any organization and industry. Participants will also be introduced to an implementation ready Transformational Model of Change and Innovation designed by CEO Cordell Williams Graham. This model can be customized and integrated with the performance metrics of any organization to foster and systematize a culture of innovation and creativity and boost organizational performance.

TLS also partners with Changefirst Limited to deliver a three-day training in the People Centred Implementation (PCI®) methodology  for change management. This programme provides a scaleable and cost-effective framework to support organization wide change and transformation especially for large and data driven organizations. Find more details here.